Russian Visa registration


Every foreigner who comes to Russia should have his/her Russian visa registered within 7 working days upon arrival, excluding holidays and weekends. The purpose of the registration is to notify the immigration authorities about the place of your stay while you're in Russia. The registration is a special piece of paper that confirms your registration has been submitted.

Migration Card

All foreigners entering Russia must fill in a Migration card. Migration Cards might be available on board of an airplane/train or before the passport control at the border. These cards have recently changed from bilingual (Russian/English) to Russian only cards. Information in response to the questions on the cards can still be completed in English. It is required to put the following information on the migration card: the personal information, terms of stay in Russia and purposes of your visit, the residential address and name of the inviting company (Budget Travel Ltd., if your visa support document was issued by our company). 

PLEASE NOTE! Your visa must be registered within 7 working days upon your arrival to any Russian city excluding weekend and holidays either by a hotel you're staying in or by the company that issued your invitation (visa support). This rule is applied for all foreign nationals. If you don't register your visa in time, you may be fined by police (if they stop you on the street to check your papers) or by passport control when you leave Russia. 

We strongly recommend you to register your visa!