Russian Business Visa Requirements


If you plan to stay in Russia longer than 1 month and need a multiple-entry visa it's better to obtain a business visa. Russian business visa is supposed to be issued for the people who visit Russia for business purposes, for example, to work for a company, to participate in conferences, trainings or negotiations etc. Russian business visas can be valid from 1 month to 12 months and may be single, double and multiple entry. To obtain a business visa, you require a Business Visa Support Invitation. It must be printed on a special form and contain the information about personal data, trip details, inviting organization, type of visa, also be signed by an authorized person and stamped.

It takes us 25 working days to issue a Business invitation.  The procedure is longer than for a Tourist invitation and more expensive because it depends on the working schedule of the the Russian Interior Ministry and requires the State fees to be paid.

This invitation can be sent to you either by fax, e-mail (if the Consulate accepts copies), or post (if the Consulate requires originals).


You can apply for a Business Invitation online through our site, or send the following information:

-personal data ( full legal name, sex, country and city of birth, citizenship, passport number and its validity, place of permanent residence)
-the consulate where you will apply for the visa (country, city)
-Cities to be visited in Russia (dates of entry and departure)
-Place of work outside Russia (type of business, full name of the company, its address, phone/fax number and your position there)
-a clear scanned copy of your passport

Our e-mail: or 


The price for Business Invitation depends on the number of entries and the period of validity of visa: 


Type of visa

Price *

1 month single entry

1600 Rub

3 months single entry

1800 Rub

1 months double entry

1800 Rub

3 months double entry

2000 Rub

6 months multiple entry

2800 Rub

12 months multiple entry

3500 Rub

* Visa registration fee is not included in price. This service requires pre-payment.



Our services are provided in case of pre-payment. We accept credit cards: Visa and MasterCardFor USA and Canada we accept Visa cards only. The pre-payment can be processed through our website. We accept payment in Russian rubles only. For more information about pre-payment please contact us: or 


PLEASE NOTE: The Russian Consulates in each country have their own rules of the Russian visas processing, how long it will take to get the visa once you apply and how much they charge. To be safe, ask at your local Russian Embassy or Consulate about the latest changes in the Visa Law.