Invitation Letter for Russian Visa



In order to travel to Russia almost every foreign visitor needs a visa. A Russian visa is a sticker in your passport. The sticker lists entry/exit dates, your passport number, children traveling with you and visa type.

To apply for the Russian Visa to the Russian Consulate you need to have an Invitation Letter (Visa Support Letter) from a Russian Tourist Company or Hotel. 

Our company  Budget Travel Ltd  is authorized by the Russian Interior Ministry (RIM) to issue both the Tourist Invitation Letter and the Business Invitation Letter. Every Consulate in the world accepts the documents from our company.

We can take care of the formalities involved in obtaining both types of the Invitation Letter. 


Tourist Invitation Letter

The Tourist Invitation Letter comprises two parts (on the same paper): tourist reservation confirmation and tourist voucher. It must contain the confirmation of payment for a hotel/hostel reservation and other services, as well as the information about the personal data, trip details, inviting organization, and be signed by an authorized person and stamped.

Usually, a scanned copy of the invitation is accepted by the consulate, but sometimes they require originals (can be sent by post).

It takes us from 1 hour to 1 day to issue the Tourist Invitation Letter which then can be sent to you by fax, e-mail, or post.



You can apply for a Tourist Invitation online through our website.


Business Invitation Letter

Usually, a company, that invites a foreigner for business, requests such service from a Russian travel agency (registered in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs MFA). The travel agency submits all travel data of the person to MFA, pays a processing fee to the MFA and after a few days receives the invitation.

Our company authorized to issue Business Visa Invitations by the Russian Interior Ministry (RIM).

We will take care of all formalities in getting a business visa support invitation from MFA for you. This process takes 25 working days. Please, make your schedule in advance.



You can apply for a Business Invitation online through our website.