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Travel to Russia is a unique opportunity to get to know the Russian history and culture. You can surely see the numerous sights all by yourself, but you will never find out as much and enjoy your route as you would on a guided tour. And if you think guided tour is boring it means you've never met our energetic and easy-going LOCAL GUIDES!


If you want to spend your time in relaxed informal atmosphere and see the city from an uncommon point view our LOCAL GUIDES are right for you. They are young locals (mostly students) who look forward to share their passion for St. Petersburg with you. All of them speak fluent English and have ideas on what to see and what to do but you’re welcome to discuss the route together so you can see everything you really want. They are not only to be your guides but your friends in a foreign city.  


Walking around the city you'll not only find out some interesting facts about the architecture and history but also get the most up-to-date information on best bars, clubs, art galleries, trains, tickets and the hottest events taking place. No program exists: anything from top tourist attractions in the city and its suburbs to the fly markets, yards and hidden pubs.


Our Pofessional guides are highly experienced and state-licensed. They have spent years studying the Russian history and arts, and now they are here to share with you their knowledge and show you the classical beauty of the great Russian cities.

Here's what our Guides tell about themselves:


Kate Sinyapkina: "As a professional touristic guide I work with tourists coming from different parts of the world. This activity really gives me a lot of pleasure. I enjoy communicating with my tourists and I know for the fact that after visiting Saint – Petersburg they fall in love with it as much as I did when I saw it first time ! It’s so amazing to see people watching monuments that you see every day and to share with them the history and the culture of one of the most beautiful places in the world!"




Masha Kozlova: "My romance with St. Petersburg started 3 years ago when I moved from the far away land of Siberia, where I was born. I have fallen in love with it, its bridges and canals, palaces and embankments. Tour guiding (being honcho) is my hobby, it is the perfect way to mix my love for people with my love for the city.  St. Petersburg is the city for the eyes, and it is worth seeing. Once coming here and feeling its magic atmosphere you will fall in love with it forever!" 




Elena Sabantseva: "I can not only show you the most beautiful places in the centre of St. Petersburg but also tell you some mysterious or even mystic city legends or walk with you through the streets where the characters of the great Russian writer Dostoevsky’s novels wandered. I'm known as a big friend of St. Petersburg archeologists, so be sure that you’ll have a drink in «Bochka» bar with a company of bearded guys who will tell you a lot about the Hermitage mummy or the Scythian gold. And to let you be sure that our city is extremely multicultural I can show you the synagogue or the Buddhist temple".





Dmitriy Koliasnikov: "I just love this city! I've been living here for 10 years and I even don't remember what was before. During my first year at a university i worked as a courier to get to know the city very well. I have my favourite routes and places in Saint Petersburg and it's my pleasure to share them with guests of my city. Come here and we together can find what the northern capital is all about".




Maria Shchegoleva: "I was born in St Petersburg and have lived here all my life. I love my city and find it one of the most beautiful places in the world. I know that there are many great cities on this planet, but St Petersburg is definitely one of the best! It gives me great pleasure when people come to my city to show them around;  there are so many interesting places- cathedrals, museums, theatres, palaces, streets and squares. You need years to see everything, and i'm happy  to help the foreigners see the best attractions in only a little time, just let me be your guide!"




Tim Holland: "It's now 15 years since I first set foot in St. Petersburg - a city that later became my second home after London. Over half of that time has been spent working with tourists in and around St. Petersburg, on top of conducting guided tours along the Trans Siberian Railway alighting at all the major stops all the way to Vladivostok. Sometimes I forget how long it's been but the most amazing thing and what keeps me going is that I never stop learning something new. The way I explain this is that we all learn by making comparisons with what we already know and since choosing to be shown around by a honcho or ambassador appeals to such a wide range of visitors from different backgrounds, I constantly get to see my favourite city in a new light".




Our prices won't weigh down your budget.

4 hours tour with a CITY GUIDE will cost 2 800 RUB for a company of up to 4 people. Each extra hour, or extra person will add 600 RUB to the total price.

To book our CITY GUIDES service please email to reservation.btravel@gmail.com

The prices for the services of the state-licensed Professional Guides may vary depending on the route and duration of the tour. For the details please email to reservation.btravel@gmail.com